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Lamfort Global is a Global Trading Solution company set in Turkey that began its first global commercial activity in 2010 by using in-depth marketing knowledge and many years of experience in international trades. The main activity of our company is to provide solutions to FMCG (Food & Non-Food) product requests, taking into account the characteristics of the target market, customer profile and the needs of the end user. All our employees have extensive experience in international marketing, export sales, logistics, and speak foreign languages ​​at a high level.
AUREUS LTD is a full-service international import/export agency servicing wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs, and privately held companies. Serving successfully to major international organizations like United Nations, OSCE and, our foremost expertise is sourcing products and services in Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS Countries for exportation to worldwide.
With many years experience in the distribution of FMCG products Alliance inc.Co a dynamic business partner which focused on wide range of household products, cleaning products, toiletries, personal care products, baby care products and foodstuff by leading manufacturers in these fields. Our company's headquarter is located in Istanbul. Our main markets are Europe,Middle Asia,Middle East. We have partnership with offices located in Central Asia and Middle East. We handle your supplies on time and with the best current world prices. If you are searching for products which you do not find on our website, please ask us to find it for you. Samples are available on request.
Sarbay Foreign Trade Limited Company started its operations in 2012. The company has combined its know-how before establishing the company under a single roof. The company acts as an intermediary between its exporting partners and customers and the importing companies abroad. With its existing foreign relations, it has assumed the mission of business development in international markets. In Sarbay, we believe that protecting the benefit of our customers, and winning their trust should come above all gains. Providing high-quality services to our customers through effective and reliable teamwork represent the core of our values as a company. In 2012, SGI Plastic Machinery Mold Construction Auto was established to produce disposable plastic razor and bloodstone. SGI company is currently strengthening its brand image in the market via its high-quality products that have already offered to Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf countries. Through producing high quality, ease of use products which give confidence to the consumers in terms of hygiene, and trough production-based growth SGI Plastic aims to be the leader in its sector SARBAY Foreign Trade Company’s main concern besides, working together with SGI Plastic, is to find solutions to the problems faced by its partners' products in the market place. And through its wide range of products SARBAY, is constantly evaluating the market's need and upgrading its services accordingly. In all of our works, in addition to a successful team of scientists, high-tech Machinery Park and distinguished raw material manufacturers are used. Our higher aim is to sustain the structure which is dominated by the win & win system with our healthy and long-lasting customers.
Founded in 2006 with its head office in Istanbul and hundred percent Turkish capital, TredA is a company focused on depilation. TredA is a powerful and important player in depilation category in various countries among the world, together with producer company ARV Kozmetik Sanayi founded in 2009 and Taha Trading founded in Tokyo in 2011. Continuing its researches to make its millions of customers in Turkey and around the world happy through its product range which renews and expands since its foundation, TredA family, thinks global and acts local by taking its philosophy from its own lands. It offers its own brands to the global market as well as the private brands it produces for its hundreds of customers including global brands and retailers. Also it sells licenses and "know-how" by developing special projects for many local and global brands in its category.
FMCG TRADE FOOD LTD.STI has 15 years of experience in snack, cake, biscuit, chocolate and wafer categories. On the base of this experience In 2018 established the Company, supply sweets every day with our partners in new destinations. The Company defines the expectations of all business partners with its experience in regional sales channels and prepares and sells market-specific products in harmony with long and global perspectives. Together with our business partners, we always go one step further to provide innovative products and services while providing an inspiring and satisfying working environment. NUKKA brand continues to be a source of happiness by taking its place on the shelves in regional markets. With our beliefs and perseverance, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand by minimizing decision-making and implementation processes with innovative thinking, innovative approach with faster and young dynamic staff. Thanks to its wide range of products and regional experience, it offers high-quality products to its valued business partners with products suitable for value chains in the markets of the countries to which it exports, while profitability and service quality differentiates business partners. Production processes by fulfilling all legal regulations and other obligations from raw material procurement to final consumer shelves and attaches importance to total quality management without compromising quality standards by keeping consumer health above all else.
Placed among the top 5 companies of the entire European Aerosol industry, Kozmo Kimya has the biggest filling capacity in Turkey. Having GMP and ISO certificates, our company has 7 Chemical Engineers. 3 of our engineers constantly carry out R&D studies. Owning two separate factories in Hadimkoy and Corlu, our daily aerosol production reaches 700000 units. We work with the biggest chain stores of Europe such as Carrefour, Tesco, Aldi, Auchan, Metro, Delhaize, Scarmark and serve as these companies’ main supplier. With Kozmo Kimya owning the latest Terco filling machine, our products are being manufactured automatically. After being carefully weighted by automated measurements, our products are tested at the water bath and sent off to the production line. It carries out a production that is in line with the standards of World Health Organisation (WHO) European Aerosol Federation (FEA) and TR Ministry of Health and that watches out for occupational safety, worker health and the environment. Kozmo will continue to move forward and compete with the latest aerosol technology over time. Kozmo Kimya’s vision; wining the trust of the customers by correctly understanding their expectations, meeting the expectations, knowing the customers is always right, a smiling face and quickly solving fast problems to maintain the customer satisfaction and a long term cooperation. Achieving permanent and advancing successes by using the latest technology, improving service capacity, enhancing the Company and Brand image domestically and internationally and constant development in terms of quality management systems.
Having laid the foundations in the year 2002 to meet the basic needs and requirements of Consumers, to carry out the production, packaging, and distributing the Market Products providing solution to daily needs, the GULF GROUP which carried out the production and marketing activities aimed at Market and Retail Points with its product range of 6 categories and 400 different products, is continuing its activities in its sector within a very rooted and institutional development trend. With its professionally working staff, in the successful adventure of marketing, distribution and production, assuming all as a whole from the material quality to transportation, from the technological and International standards to employers' quality within the Total Quality Sensibility, GULF GROUP, is applying a process in all Sales, Distribution and Marketing phases which is highly advanced and having international accreditation. Filling an important gap in its sector with more than 400 products in 6 categories as a result of that successful development, GULF GROUP, has been realizing the quality control in its entire works from the beginning of the production. In our company, following the Consumers' demands without cease and making the product developments which could satisfy those expectations continuously, our main principle is the definitive customer satisfaction based on persistence. Our company which deems the human and the responsibility to human being as its primary element is also feeling the right proud of carrying the brand NEW CITY out of the country borders, thus becoming a global player, through its exportation it realized to Europe, Middle east, Africa, and Balkan states. Our company will keep increasingly its studies it put forth alongside with the product and approach difference and the responsibility insight brought by it. Wishing you to choose us in our way to deserve you...
Unicoft is a corporate international company founded in 2019 and headquartered in Turkey. The Company is powered by professionals with more than 40 years of foreign trade experience with a reliable supplier network database for global trading activities. In parallel with our supplier role, our expert manager and field team in charge for the implementation of construction works as a part of Unicoft ’s another service area. Main Service Lines: - Global Supplier; Food Products, FMCG Products, Textiles and Apparel, Jewelry, Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Materials. - International e-Commerce: B2B & B2C - Construction and Building Renovation Projects Our main subject is to provide Unique Service Experience to our Customers and Partners by minimizing; Risks, Time-Losses and Cost in a Safe manner.
Semt Gida, began services in Istanbul in 2009 and today it has become a sales company to all countries of the world. The most important factors of this success are the quality of it’s services and honesty of promises. thereby It has enabled to cooperate with many other companies. Today, Semt Gida supplies the needs of it’s domestic and international customers with our large quantity of fast consumption product range as soon as possible.